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Swimming Dead - Book 2

Swimming Dead Book 2

A lost engagement ring leads to a shocking discovery in St. Ives Lake, plunging Detective Vikki Mattsen into a complex murder investigation where the victim's identity is unknown, and every suspect has something to hide.


When Zac Callahan's engagement ring is lost in St. Ives Lake, he plunges in to salvage his proposal - but what he finds at the bottom is not what he expected. A body entangled in weeds.

SIPD Detective Vikki Mattsen and her partner are called to the scene to investigate the death. As they dig deeper, they realize that the victim's identity is unknown, and they must unravel a web of secrets to uncover the truth behind the death.

Was it a tragic accident, or was foul play involved? In the second installment of the Vikki Mattsen crime series, readers will be swept away by the twists and turns as Vikki and her team race against the clock to solve the mystery and bring justice to the victim.

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A routine police patrol takes a deadly turn!

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