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Frozen Body Christmas Mystery - Book 9

Frozen Body Christmas Mystery Book 9

Holiday cheer meets chilling fear: Unwrapping secrets to catch a killer.
'Tis the season for murder in St. Ives.

The holiday season turns deadly in the quiet town of St. Ives when two children stumble upon a frozen body at the local skating pond. As detectives Vikki Mattsen and Mike Gomez investigate the crime, they uncover a shocking truth: the victim was none other than Santa Claus himself.


With only a few days left until Christmas, Vikki and Mike must race against time to catch the killer and bring justice to a town in mourning. But as they follow the clues, they discover that the jolly old man had more than just presents in his bag, and someone wanted him silenced forever

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A routine police patrol takes a deadly turn!

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