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Her Last New Year’s Eve - Book 10

Her last New Years Eve Book 10

The 10th book in the Vikki Mattsen crime series. A female detective, police procedurals, women Sleuth murder mystery. Sometimes it's better to let sleeping dogs lie. Digging up the past could bury her future.

Detective Mattsen is haunted by memories of a cold case - the murder of her adoptive family ten years ago. Feeling nostalgic and melancholic after Christmas, she travels to Ashton Township in New York to investigate. As she delves deeper into the case, new information emerges, and long-buried secrets come to light. But when events from the past start to put her in danger, Mattsen must decide whether to confront an enemy determined to win at all costs or let sleeping dogs lie.

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Her last New Years Eve Book 10

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A routine police patrol takes a deadly turn!

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