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Victoria Mattsen Crime Series: The Rookie - Prequel

The Rookie
Joining the New York Police Academy from college with an end game of becoming a detective was an easy sell to Victoria Mattsen.

Years earlier, tragedy struck when she lost her father—then later stepfather, and mother at a young age. Maybe they deserved it. 

Life moved on and she found a new home. But when history repeated itself and her new family perished, it sparked in Vikki a passion for justice and a desire for revenge. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

Outstanding detectives are molded, not born—forged through years of hard work, dedication to duty, and hands-on experience. 

Vikki’s first week as a rookie police officer changed all that. A routine beat patrol turned deadly. It defined her future and put her on a fast track to earning the skills she’d need to uncover the truth— about what happened to her new family.

This ten-book small-town detective series starts here!
You can meet Detective Victoria Mattsen in The Rookie.

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A routine police patrol takes a deadly turn!
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