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One Thing After Another

One Thing After Another-Book 2 Sambisa Escape

One Thing After Another

- The Sequel to Sambisa Escape. A work of fiction inspired by the kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

Ngozi survives and returns home, changed by the ordeal. Acting on advice from Auntie Halima, she presents herself to the authorities, and things quickly take a dramatic turn at the police station.

Ngozi is rescued by people she’d never met. Rejected by her aunt, she immigrates to the United States. But, her past continually clashes with the present, as she makes new friends and tries to live a stable life.

She’s dealt a devastating blow when her health takes a turn for the worse.  Now, Ngozi must confront the past she’s been trying to bury, to find answers that hold the key to her survival.

Your past hangs around like a shadow. It rang true for Ngozi.

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