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Harvest of Blood Series

Harvest of Blood: The Selection Book 1 

In the Kingdom of Ode, where magic has vanished, the gods angry, and the king rules with an iron feast, a feisty 16-year-old girl, finds her life turned upside down when her siblings are selected as a sacrifice to the gods.

She unleashes a power hidden inside her to save them and is thrust into the unknown, where her life and that of an entire people rests on her shoulders.

Harvest of Blood: Black Panther Book 2

On the long road from Nuso to Edo, en route to face her destiny, Nuju contends with a growing identity crisis. When a Prince of Ode joins their convoy, things go from bad to worse, and Nuju questions the decisions she has made.

Halfway through the journey, they find themselves surrounded by the forces of darkness, and Nuju must choose between saving herself or someone that means a lot to her.

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Harvest of Blood: Betrayed Book 3
             COMING SOON!
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